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Suspects Arrested for Battery

For immediate release:

A Lawrenceville homeowner was fortunate to have Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office deputies nearby when she was attacked by the tenants that had just been evicted from her property.

At approximately 6:00 pm on Monday, March 3, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to the Civil Unit completed a Writ of Possession (eviction) at 802 Deidre Marie Court in Lawrenceville.  As the deputies were leaving the neighborhood, they observed that the eviction crew was not following behind them, as is customary.  The deputies returned to the location to check on the welfare of the eviction crew and observed the four evicted tenants in an altercation with the homeowner, 26 year old Gladys Garcia.  Deputies were advised by witnesses that once they left the scene, the four evicted tenants approached Ms. Garcia, who was parked down the street.  Ms. Garcia was attempting to leave the location when she was punched in the face, thrown to the ground and attacked by the four individuals.  During the attack, Ms. Garcia was able to retrieve a gun from her vehicle and fired one shot from the weapon, but did not strike anyone.  Ms. Garcia sustained scratches and lacerations on her face and hands during the attack.  The returning deputies secured the scene and placed Miguel Gonzalez Martinez, Jonathan Martinez Delgado, Thabata Abigay Martinez and Suvanee Cherrlyn Martinez under arrest for Battery and they were subsequently transported to the Gwinnett County Jail.


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