The Gwinnett County Jail - the largest of the four divisions - is a direct supervision pretrial detention facility. The jail was constructed in 1991 as a result of overcrowding in the 1980s and replaces the previous linear jail, which had been used since 1974. The maximum capacity of the jail in 1991 was 576 inmates, but in 1997 the facility had to be double-bunked. By 2002, the gymnasium was renovated to house an additional 235 beds - bringing the maximum capacity to 1,226.

Near the end of 2006, the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department completed and opened the new "Wimberly" Tower. The Tower was named after Deputy Ken Wimberly who was tragically killed in the line of duty. This new construction is part of the expansion plan for the Gwinnett County Jail. Overcrowding at the original direct supervision facility forced the county to add more bed space to the existing site. The first was the completion of the "Wimberly" Tower and the second will be an additional tower at some future date. The first inmates were moved into the first floor of this four-level building on October 23, 2007. On February 27 of 2007, the remaining inmates who had been housed out to other agencies due to overcrowding were brought back to Gwinnett and housed in the new tower.

The original facility can hold up to 1,226 inmates, and the new tower has added 1,368 new beds to the site. We also have an additional 174 specialty beds that are designed to hold maximum-security inmates, medical inmates and disciplinary inmates. The total capacity for the jail is now 2,768 beds. The facility at present has a total population of more than 2,400 inmates.

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