Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department Inmates

Sorted by Name

The following individuals are currently in the Gwinnett County Detention Center

Offender ID Alias ID Offender ID Display Last Name First Name Middle Name Unit Photo Charges
99488017 0099488017 IBRAHEEM SAMUEL AYOMIDE GCDC-1S-715-B Photo Charges
99373637 0099373637 IBRAHIM SIRAIJ JEMAL GCDC-1S-707-A Photo Charges
99386839 99187850 0099187850 IGHODARO THEODORA GCDC-IMAX-217-A Photo Charges
99032218 0099032218 IMANIVONG ANOUSACK ZACK GCDC-C-226-B Photo Charges
99462628 0099462628 INGRAM JYRON EVERETTE GCDC-1V-701-A Photo Charges
97005597 0097005597 INTAKANOK SARAWIN NATHAN GCDC-1T-707-C Photo Charges
99237471 0099237471 INYANG ESSIEN GCDC-1H-309-A Photo Charges
99369846 0099369846 ISAAC RACHEL BIANCA GCDC-1A-103-A Photo Charges
99483512 0099483512 ISEP-MARROQUIN JOSE HUMBERTO GCDC-1H-307-C Photo Charges
99486292 0099486292 IVEY DAVID DARNELL GCDC-1F-406-A Photo Charges
99144540 99060772 0099060772 IVY BENJAMIN COURTNEY GCDC-1H-306-A Photo Charges
99102384 0099102384 IVY STANLEY HUGH GCDC-N-110-B Photo Charges