Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department Inmates

Sorted by Name

The following individuals are currently in the Gwinnett County Detention Center

Offender ID Alias ID Offender ID Display Last Name First Name Middle Name Unit Photo Charges
99243773 99243681 0099243681 ZAMORA ARTURO CASCA GCDC-K-219-B Photo Charges
99486773 0099486773 ZARCO-BENITEZ JOSE IVAN GCDC-E-208-C Photo Charges
99504886 0099504886 ZELAYA-TORRES MARIA CATALINA GCDC-1B-109-B Photo Charges
99501333 0099501333 ZENDEJAS-PICHARDO JUAN DANIEL GCDC-1N-619-A Photo Charges
99086358 0099086358 ZIEGENBEIN VERONICA L GCDC-ADM Photo Charges
99453432 0099453432 ZINNAH HARRIS DADDY GCDC-C-119-B Photo Charges
99371516 0099371516 ZOHBE AMIRA IYMAN GCDC-1A-104-A Photo Charges