Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department Inmates

The following individuals are currently in the Gwinnett County Detention Center

These numbers contain counts from the current active inmate population.

NOTE: This data is live. Because the data is constantly being updated you can not, for example, add the black, white and other races and always get a number equal to the total number of inmates. Inmates are constantly being processed. The total count may not match if you add races, or males and females. Individuals may be in the system but not have progressed to the point in the process where their sex and/or race has been entered. These anomalies are to be expected when dealing with live data that is being updated constantly.

Also, there is often confusion regarding the count of inmates of Hispanic ethnic background. The Detention Center utilizes the codes for race following the standard established by the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC). While Hispanic is considered an ethnic "group", it is not considered a racial group.

Total Active Inmates: 1978
Total Male Inmates: 1696
Total Female Inmates: 282
Total Black Inmates: 1002
Total White Inmates: 950
Total Asian Inmates: 34
Total Other Race Inmates: 8
Total Black Male Inmates: 895
Total Black Female Inmates: 107
Total White Male Inmates: 782
Total White Female Inmates: 168
Total Asian Male Inmates: 27
Total Asian Female Inmates: 7
Total Other Race Male Inmates: 34
Total Other Race Female Inmates: 8
Total Hispanic Inmates: 297
Total Hispanic Male Inmates: 272
Total Hispanic Female Inmates: 25


Numbers for these charts are retrieved from live data and will change as Inmates are admitted and released.