Gwinnett County Detention Center

Inmate Charges

Inmate charges are related only to the current inmate arrest

Upon admission to the Detention Center each inmate is issued a new "booking number" This booking number retrieves information related only to the current arrest.

Booking Number Warrant# Code Section Statute Fel/Misd Traffic/Hold Description Bond Bond Type Order Status OTN
2011437654 11W-18895 16-5-70 OCGA F @ * CRUELTY TO CHILDREN 0 NB Cleared 88382446725
2011437654 11W-19135 16-5-1 OCGA F @ * MURDER 0 NB Cleared 88382508771
2011437654 12B-1450-6 16-5-2 OCGA F @ * VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER 0 NB Active

If you have reason to believe this information is inaccurate, you may submit a request for review to:

Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department
Records Section
2900 University Parkway
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043