Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department

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Major Mike Powell – Professional Standards Commander

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Major Mike Powell began his law enforcement career with the Gwinnett County Police Department in March 1973. At the time, there were approximately 35 officers in the Gwinnett Police Department and the county population was 50,000.

During his tenure with the Police Department, he worked in all aspects of law enforcement including uniform patrol , investigations, narcotics and intelligence, SWAT, internal affairs and administration. He resigned in 1997 with more than 24 years of service and spent five years as the President and CEO of a small trucking company. In June of 2002, he was appointed to a Captain’s position at the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department by Sheriff Conway.

He worked in the Gwinnett County Jail as a captain and major before being named as the Division Commander of the Field Operations Division in February 2007. He has a passion for law enforcement, electronics, motorcycle riding and spending time with his grandchildren - Amber, Michael, Macee, Thomas, and Evie. He and his wife Dianne live in the Lawrenceville area.