Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department

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Fee Schedule and Instructions

Effective immediately –  Sheriff’s fees are increased as mandated by Georgia House Bill 1055.


Fee Schedule:
Service (per service, per person, per address): $50
All Out- of-County and Out-of-State Service  (per service, per person, per address): $50
Service of Any Garnishment or rule against Garnishee: $50
Service of Dispossessory Proceeding and Notice of Foreclosure: $25
FiFa-Levy: $50
(Additional advertising, towing, storage, Sheriff’s Fees, etc. to be paid in advance. )

There is an additional $25 charge for an Eviction [Writ of Possession to Evict]. This is a separate and distinct fee from service of a Dispossessory Proceeding which is also

Service of Subpoenas: $10 per subpoena

FiFa-Nulla Bona:
Sheriff: $20
Clerk of Superior Court $9

All services require that you complete a Sheriff’s Entry of Service form (3 part NCR Paper) which is available from any clerk of court within the Gwinnett County Judicial Circuit. It is very important that the block titled “Name and Address of Party to Be Served” is completed with the correct information. If you fail to complete this block properly, you are subject to paying an additional service fee. For out of State Service, a Civil Division employee will prepare a Sheriff’s Entry of Service Form.

You are responsible for determining that the address for service is within Gwinnett County. We do not go outside Gwinnett  County to serve a Civil Process. If you provide the wrong address, the fee that you paid is not refundable.