Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department

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Field Operations

The Field Operations Division is responsible for the processing and serving of all criminal warrants issued by the various courts of Gwinnett County. Field Operations also serves criminal warrants from other agencies nationwide by request.

Several units comprise Field Operations inlcuding, the Warrants Unit, Uniform Unit,  Family Violence Unit, Fugitive Unit, K-9 Unit, and  Sex Offender Registration Unit.

The Warrants Unit has the responsibility to process, track, and verify all the criminal warrants the Sheriff’s Department receives and attempts to serve. On average the division receives 23,000 criminal warrants a year. This unit is staffed by civilian personnel, and is a 24-hour a day seven (7) day a week operation. This unit also cooperates with law enforcement agencies nationwide in an effort to get warrants served or to verify warrants are still outstanding on a wanted person. Due to the seriousness of handling warrants, there are strict federal and state guidelines as well as time limits that have to be met in the process of tracking and verifying warrants on a daily basis.

The Uniform Unit has the responsibility to try and serve all the criminal warrants received by the Sheriff’s Department. This includes, but is not limited to, felonies, misdemeanors, bench warrants and Recorder’s Court warrants. The Uniform Unit also attempts to serve warrants received from other agencies across the country. These deputies are the ones you see on the road in uniform and marked Sheriff’s Department Vehicles. Uniform also includes the License Plate Reader equipped vehicles which recognize tag numbers that are related to persons with outstanding warrants, sex offenders, vehicles reported stolen, and vehicles involved in criminal activity.

The K-9 unit also is part of the Uniform division. Two K-9 handlers with their two German Shepherd partners assist our department, and other departments when needed,  in the tracking and apprehension of suspects and in locating illegal drugs.

The Family Violence Unit has the responsibility of working directly with the Family Violence Courts to serve all temporary protective orders, stalking orders, arrest warrants and evictions determined by the Courts. This Unit also is on the road in uniform and in marked Sheriff’s Department vehicles.

The Fugitive Unit was established in 1997 by Sheriff Conway to locate dangerous high profile fugitives from justice. Fugitive deputies also have the responsibility of working with assorted Federal Task Forces such as the FBI, U.S. Marshal’s, and U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Fugitive Unit also handles all extraditions of persons arrested in other states on Gwinnett County charges or persons arrested in Gwinnett while wanted by another state. Due to the nature of the unit’s task, they do not work in uniform or drive vehicles that are marked with Sheriff’s Department emblems.

The Sex Offender Registry Unit is responsible for the registering, tracking and verification of all convicted sex offenders residing in Gwinnett County. As of February 2010, there were more than 350 convicted sex offenders living in Gwinnett County. Due to the responsibilities of the unit, it is comprised of both uniform deputies and non-uniform deputies. This unit also keeps Gwinnett County citizens apprised of sex offenders living in their area by use of Offender Watch, which is a web based data base that may be used by any citizen.