Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department

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Sheriff’s Administration

The Administrative division consists of the Office of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Professional Standards unit, Technical Services unit, finance, human resources, and the public information officer.

The division’s responsibilities include the overall administration of the entire department as well as the management of finances, human resources, policies and procedures, public relations and other duties required for the efficient operation of the department.

The integrity of the department depends on the integrity and discipline of each employee. The goal of  the Professional Standards Unit, also known as internal affairs, is to ensure that the integrity of the agency is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness and justice are ensured by an impartial investigation and review.

This unit also is responsible for background investigations in processing all applicants for employment positions within the department.  All applicants must meet required department standards and qualifications to ensure the best possible candidates for hire.

Sheriff Conway recognized the need to utilize up-to-date law enforcement technology to accurately and efficiently manage one of the largest Sheriff’s Departments in the State.  The Technical Services Unit was established to provide all telecommunications and computer related services and support for the department.