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Effective July 1, 2014, booking photographs will no longer be posted on our website pursuant to O.C.G.A. 35-1-19. All persons requesting a booking photograph from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office shall submit a statement affirming that the use of such photograph will not:

(1) Be placed in a publication or posted to a website or transferred to a person to be placed in a publication or website; and

(2) Removal or deletion of such booking photograph from such publication or website requires the payment of a fee or other consideration.

Any person who knowingly makes a false statement in requesting a booking photograph shall be guilty of a violation of Code Section 16-10-20.

Booking Photo Affirmation Form

All booking photo requests must be accompanied by a completed affirmation form.  Please send your completed form to Yeni Nomesqui at and the photo will be emailed to you.  You can also fax your request to her attention at 770-619-6595.

MEDIA ONLY:  If you are a member of the media, please send your completed affirmation form to our Public Information Officer at

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If you are a member of a law enforcement agency and require access to more extensive information, you can contact the Sheriff’s Department by emailing with the following information:

The name of your agency, a contact name, phone number and email address of the individual responsible for maintaining security and changing the password when required and relaying that information to other members of the agency requiring access.

The information contained in these pages documents the activities of the Gwinnett County Jail.

These records do NOT constitute criminal history records and may not be used as such.

In accordance with OCGA 42-4-7

Maintenance of Inmate Record by Sheriff

“The sheriff is required to keep a record of all persons committed to the jail of the county of which he or she is sheriff. This record shall contain the name of the person committed, such person’s age, sex, race, under what process such person was committed and from what court the process issued, the crime with which the person was charged, the date of such person’s commitment to jail, the day of such person’s discharge, under what order such person was discharged, and the court from which the order issued. This record shall be subject to examination by any person in accordance with the provisions of Article 4, of Chapter 18 of Title 50, relating to the inspection of public records.”

The Sheriff’s Department is required by law to provide certain information to the public regarding inmate admissions and releases from the Detention Center. Originally, a written docket book or log located in the facility’s lobby was the access point for this information. This docket book was replaced with a public computer terminal in the lobby and is now available online for the last 31 days via the Internet.

Inmate photographs are also available online (see link above), however, our older inmate files prior to May 1999 do not contain digital photographs. Some older photographs can still be obtained through our records section.

Contact : (770) 619-6500