Rapid Response Team

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In the year 2000, Sheriff Conway formed the Rapid Response Team to plan for and deal with high-risk tactical deployments within the jail. The initial selection of team members numbered only 12.

In an effort to create a team that was motivated and highly skilled, the team chose to travel to Moundsville, West Virginia to participate in the annual Mock Prison Riot and SWAT skills competition. The team had only been together less than six months. Their equipment was outdated and worn out. The team arrived in West Virginia with little hope of placing in the Skills competition, not to mention a dream of winning.

After three days of running, shooting and demonstrating tactical skills in hostage rescue events, the team was named as overall event Champions. This set a fire in the hearts of the team members that has yet to be extinguished to this day.

The RRT team has developed into a team that has become nationally recognized for their professionalism and innovation in the field of correctional tactics. The team has been featured in Police Magazine, Popular Science Magazine, and on the CBS Morning News Show. RRT now has more than 30 members and handles all tactical services within the Gwinnett County Jail. The team continues to maintain high standards of both physical and tactical skills to earn the honor of wearing the coveted RRT PATCH.